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Offering Cacti and other drought resistant plants grown 100% organically in Arizona.

About Us

Adoption Process

Cactus Orphanage takes in cactus and other desert plants and adopts them out to caring individuals​.  You receive a Certificate of Adoption and the plant is officially tagged with the date of adoption.  Two dollars is donated to St. Judes Children's Hospital from every adoption

Aloe Vera

The healing properties of Aloe Vera are legendary.  When you adopt or purchase an Aloe Vera plant you will receive an article on not only the different healing properties of Aloe Vera but also how to prepare the leaves for use.  You can buy Aloe Vera buy the plant or by the pound.

Protect Yourself

When handling Cactus of all types, it is very important to protect yourself from injury.  Cacti usually have sharp spikes or thorns on them that can range from being annoying to very painful if they get on to your skin.  Always wear gloves and use tools that will protect your hands and keep plants away from your body.

Proudly Arizona Grown



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Cactus Orphanage

P.O. Box 1609, Parker, AZ 85344

Phone Number: (928) 669-0580 Email: cactusorphanage@gmail.com

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